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History of Plastiras Lake

Published on 2014-09-18

Plastiras Lake is located at about 25 km western of Karditsa, at an altitude of 800m. It is found 325 km away from Athens and 250 km from Thessaloniki, and is characterized as one of the most easily accessible destinations in Greece. The scenery is breathtaking, as the lake is surrounded by high leafy mountains, and the area is considered to be a "paradise" for all the lovers of nature as it provides

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    Observation Tower

    At the observation tower, one can undoubtedly enjoy the most charming picture of the lake. Arriving at the Observation tower all eyes are left lost on the watery surface of the lake, with the fjords and its verdant island.

    On the other side, the wooded hillsides and the dashing summits of Agrafa in the background, complete the stunning scenery. While being on the main road, 2km before the dam, follow the road sign on the right to the observation tower. A total of three km, 1.5 km of tar and 1.5 km of good but back road lead to the observation tower at the altitude of 1350m, with a view to the lake and the villages of Trikala and Karditsa (in clear air) which expands to Mount Olympus. In this –full of green- environment, the view will pleasantly surprise you. You can admire the length and width of the lake, the sky with the rare birds, the alpine forest, and the bare summits of the high mountains that decorate the background.

    Latitude: 39° 14' 14.6616"
    Longitude: 21° 44' 14.6004"